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Banks, Iain Surface detail Lededje Y'breq is one of the Intagliated, her marked body bearing witness to a family shame, her life belonging to a man whose lust for power is without limit. Prepared to risk everything for her freedom, her release, when it comes, is at a price, and to put things right she will need the help of the Cult. A recent loss is still taking its toll on him, and a trauma in his past is similarly proving hard to deal with.

He decides that he will return to a town on the coast at which he spent a memorable holiday when a boy. His memory of that time devolves on the charismatic Grace family, particularly the seductive twins Myles and Chloe. In a very short time, Max found himself drawn into a strange relationship with them, and pursuant events left their mark on him for the rest of his life. But will he be able to exorcise those memories of the past? A new friendship with Nathalie Fanshawe brings interest to her life and makes possible a visit to the seaside which will change everything.

A quiet, dedicated agent on the surface, it soon becomes clear there was another side to Jean Transom, and who better to uncover it than special Agent Ren Bryce, an expert in violent crime and a woman with secrets of her own; secrets that could compromise the entire investigation and put an end to her distinguished career.

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Ren needs to know who she can trust - because the last person she can trust is herself. Barclay, Alex Time of death FBI agent Ren Bryce's work chasing some of the most-wanted killers in the country becomes a nightmare when family tragedy rears its head. But there's unfinished business between Ren and those she's pursuing. One of her closest friends disappears in suspicious circumstances, and suddenly Ren's biggest secrets are about to be laid bare.

The birthday girl is Elissa Paroskolos, whose recently deceased father was one of the wealthiest men in the world.

The Art of Detective Fiction

Elissa will come into her inheritance now that she's turning 25, thus the extravagant birthday celebration. But when Greg and Liz arrive, they sense something's not right. Greg has known Elissa since she was a child, and she's always been a bad-tempered, selfish brat. The Elissa who's being feted seems sweet, mild, and slightly disoriented. And she's grown much taller since Greg saw her a few years ago. Puzzled, Greg and Liz begin investigating, only to find a bizarre plot involving elaborate disguises, fraud, and scandal.

Yet riches have their responsibilities and, for Netta, propriety demands that she abandon her one passion - her -music - to make a socially acceptable marriage. And for the younger Gaby, wealth cannot protect her from the pain of a broken heart The second novel in the sequence that began with The Wine Widow stands on its own as a dramatic saga of fluctuating family fortunes. From the s to the end of the Great War, we follow the lives of the Tramont champagne family as they face the threat to the vineyards posed by the phylloxera beetle - and the consequences of their involvement in the Dreyfus affair, a scandal that shakes France to its roots.

BARCLAY, Tessa Diamonds in Disguise Gregory, the former crown prince of Hirtenstein, can't say no to his grandmother, that country's ex-queen mother who's presently working as a decorator for a well-known but unpopular Italian politician , when she asks him to leave Geneva for Rome to investigate the loss of some valuable diamonds.

Viewing the trip as a chance also for a romantic getaway, Gregory invites his girlfriend, Liz Blair, to join him, in spite of his grandmother's dislike of Liz and her commoner status. When a female cousin living in the politician's villa is found dead, the police conclude death by accidental poisoning, but as Gregory and Liz delve into the lives of family, guests and staff, it becomes clear the cousin was a victim of foul play.

Whodunit fans will enjoy trying to figure out the puzzle before the dramatic conclusion.

The most famous of these, Talik Edder, discovers that someone has stolen the Stradivarius cello that he had just purchased at an Edinburgh auction. The suspects include an adamant Japanese industrialist, a spurned soprano soloist, an emotional Brazilian groupie, and others staying at the musicians' hotel until murder eliminates one of them. Much satisfying entertainment arises from this conglomeration of musical egos and clever confusion of cellos.

So despite the fact that Gregory's business involves classical music, he agrees to help Auguste's son Gilles put together a jazz band. Gregory is able to engage four other musicians, but things quickly get complicated.

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When one of the musicians turns up dead, Gregory finds a last-minute replacement, but the man shows up with his beautiful sister, Morena Ferigiano, who soon has Gilles bewitched, bothered, and bewildered. Then one of the band's most vocal critics, Auguste's old family nurse, goes missing, and Gilles "disappears" with Morena, leaving Gregory to try to discover who is trying to break up the band, permanently.

Barclay, Tessa Richer than rubies When millionaire businessman Ivan Digby asks jewellery designer Jo Radcliffe to create a necklace using precious stones from the priceless 'Fieldingley Necklace', Jo is intrigued. But when the stones are found to be fakes, it's Jo who finds herself under attack. Barker, Ann Spoiled Evangeline Granby is so tired of her aunt's lectures on morality that she allows a handsome young gallant to take her to an inn where they indulge in a desperate and very improper flirtation. Charles, a respected professor of History, is writing a book on a Victorian crime of passion.

Lotte is unhappily married to Gordon, a bully of a man who has reduced her self esteem to an almost irretrievable low. She stays for the sake of the children, but when she finds out he has been having an affair that is no longer reason enough. Annie Taylor has been newly promoted to Detective Inspector, but has had to move from the Met to the provinces in order to get the job.

She is under pressure to perform, her team are antagonistic, her personal life a mess. Then a student disappears, Claire Thompson, one of Charles' tutorial group, a loner who has problems dealing with reality. DI Taylor heads the investigation and Charles finds himself in the frame for abduction…. BAUER, Belinda Blackheads Steven Lamb digs holes on Exmoor, hoping to lay to rest the ghost of his uncle, who disappeared aged 11 and is assumed to have fallen victim to the serial killer Arnold Avery.

Only Steven's Nan is not convinced her son is dead. Steven is determined to heal the widening cracks in his family before it's too late. And if that means presenting his grandmother with the bones of her murdered son, he'll do it.

So the boy takes the next logical step, carefully crafting a letter to Arnold Avery in prison. And there begins a dangerous game between a desperate child and a bored serial killer. A game that will have more terrifying consequences than Stephen could ever imagine Bauer, Belinda Darkside Shipcott in bleak mid-winter: a close-knit community where no stranger goes unnoticed.

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So when an elderly woman is murdered in her bed, village policeman Jonas Holly is doubly shocked. How could someone have entered her house, killed her, and left no trace? Baxter, Lily Spitfire girl It is and 18 year-old Susan longs to do her duty. Her secret ambition is to learn to fly.

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She meets Tony, a flying instructor, and friendship blossoms into love. Susan is forced to flee London and is taken in by a kindly innkeeper. She then receives news that Tony is missing in action. Will she realise her dreams of love and flying? With new material gleaned from the Russian archives and numerous other sources, this brisk and accessible book provides a balanced and penetrating perspective, explaining the tensions that led to this terrible overture to World War II and affording new insights into the war—its causes, course, and consequences.

World War Two was raging and her husband became injured while fighting fires at night. When an American base begins recruiting civilians to help in the war, Gloria tells everyone it's her chance to do her bit but will she be tempted to do more? But then her father has a dreadful accident and her mother breaks down in guilt and grief. Maria, the only child, must care for them. Her hopes are dashed, not only of her career, but of marrying the one who's loved her for years.

Reluctantly, Maria is driven into the arms of the supposedly reliable Barney. But he's no such thing. This is a superb saga of love, loss and family closeness, set against the tumultuous years of the war and its aftermath. Bennett, Anne To have and to hold Carmel Duffy is the eldest child of a brutal and abusive marriage, and she can't wait to leave home. She's equally determined to have no husband or children of her own - what she wants more than anything is to be a nurse. As soon as she turns 18, she heads to Birmingham and begins her training. At twenty-five, teacher Phyllis Bird is still living with her parents in a quiet Hampshire village.

With so many young men lost in the Great War, including her own brothers, her life is empty and her future without hope.

Private Investigators

Until, desperate to break out of her mundane existence, she decides to take up the position of nursery maid in the London home of acclaimed playwright Harold Berridge. Betts, Charlotte The chateau on the lake As a teacher at her parents' Academy for Young Ladies in the heart of London, Madeleine Moreau has lived her life sheltered from the outside world. But on the night of a dazzling Masquerade, tragedy strikes and she is left alone in the world. Desperate to find the family she never knew, Madeleine impulsively travels to France in search of them.

But with war around the corner, and fearing for Madeleine's safety, the enigmatic Comte Etienne d'Aubery offers her shelter at his home, Chateau Mirabelle. As the Revolution gathers momentum and the passions of the populace are enflamed, Madeleine must take control of her own destiny and unravel events of the past in order to secure a chance at future happiness. Billingham, Mark The bones beneath Stuart Nicklin, the most dangerous psychopath he has ever put behind bars, promises to reveal the whereabouts of a body he buried 25 years before. But only if Thorne agrees to escort him.

Unable to refuse, Thorne gathers a team and travels to a remote Welsh island, at the mercy of the weather and cut off from the mainland. Thorne is determined to get the job done and return home before Nicklin can outwit them. But Nicklin knows this island well. Soon, new bodies are added to the old, and Thorne finds himself facing the toughest decision he has ever had to make.

Billingham, Mark The dying hours It's been 25 years since Tom Thorne last went to work wearing the 'Queen's cloth' but now, having stepped out of line once too often, he's back in uniform. He's no longer a detective, and he hates it. Still struggling to adjust, Thorne becomes convinced that a spate of suicides among the elderly in London is something more sinister.

His concerns are dismissed by the Murder Squad he was once part of and he is forced to look into it alone.