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Are private schools as well as public schools available? Do the schools have a high graduation rate and college attendance? Is student safety a top priority at their schools? Are the school activities you might be interested in, offered? We did our own analysis of the best cities in the U. Some cities are known for their sports teams, beaches or hiking trails. There will always be sacrifices made when moving, but make the list minimal after becoming familiar with what is available.

31 Things That Happen When You Finally Decide to Live Your Dreams

In some cities, there is no need to have a car because of ample access to public transportation. Los Angeles , however, is a city where having a car and defensive driving skills are essential. You can tell a lot about a community by the events and activities it holds. Every household has different interests and needs. Keep your hobbies and passions in mind when searching out a new city. Do you love to bowl, line dance or go kayaking?

Examine what your new neighborhood has to offer that will satisfy your needs. Do you have a health condition, like asthma, that makes it harder to breathe when it is hot or humid?

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There are many factors that make an area high in livability. Is the local town or city in the process of being further developed and therefore may become more attractive to future home buyers? Is it a location where you might want to invest in real estate to earn passive income? By researching the crime rates and statistics for various areas, you can learn more about the safety of a town or neighborhood.

If you have already decided where you want to live, stop by the local police stations to discuss your new neighborhood. The police will be happy to discuss any concerns you have about the area. You can also check out Crime Reports , which lets you review crime statistics for different neighborhoods.

Keep in mind that just because an area is safe today does not guarantee that it will be safe in the future. The long-term stability for a neighborhood can be a determining factor in how safe your surroundings are.

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Also, consider the future development of a particular location as you narrow down your choices. Do you have a large extended family? Do you spend the holidays with your family and friends? These are important factors to consider when choosing where to live.

If extended family and friends are important to you, choose a place either within driving distance or within a reasonable distance by plane. Like to ski all winter long? Not a fan of humidity? You may want to avoid settling in Florida any time soon. I grew up in New England and swore that I would one day escape to a warmer climate; I hated winter that much. I knew that I would be more comfortable in dry, hot climates, so my entire adult life I have lived in California and New Mexico, away from snow, bugs, and humidity.

The climate plays a large role in our lives as it impacts our hobbies, behavior, and sometimes even our jobs. Living in the climate in which you are most comfortable contributes to your mental health, so choose wisely! A good education is essential to setting up children to better handle the rest of their lives, so the importance of good schools cannot be overstated.

I have friends who moved from California to the Midwest so their kids could go to better schools. Nonprofit websites like GreatSchools are a great source for parents looking for the ideal schools for their children. The quality of the public schools factors into your finances, too, since tuition for a private school can be extremely expensive.

If you crave constant cultural stimulation, you definitely want to choose a place that has a lot of cultural offerings.

How to Choose a Place to Live

When I lived in Los Angeles, I could see concerts, operas, sports teams, plays, and musicals all the time. Now that I live in New Mexico, the options for cultural experiences are much more limited, but that is OK with my new lifestyle. Many people need to be near their favorite team, or a vibrant music scene or the theater.

If you have a favorite hobby or recreational activity, make sure that you can continue to pursue these interests in your new home. Finally, if you enjoy being around a specific religious or ethnic community with your same beliefs and interests, this should be a factor in where you choose to live. The explosive growth of the suburbs surrounding metropolitan areas have made commuting times in many areas unbearable. A recently released report from Sweden indicates that long-distance commuters actually have an increased risk of divorce.

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The length of time it takes to get to work can be a determining factor in the decision to move to a new locale. If you have a family, commuting can also drastically reduce the amount of time you spend at home. A good public transportation system is a major plus when choosing a place to live. If eating locally and sustainably is important to you, consider whether you can pursue this lifestyle in your new home.

For me, the ability to grow my own food year-round with a home vegetable garden is a determining factor for choosing where to live. However, if trying new, diverse cuisines is one of your passions, a bigger metropolitan area is going to offer more choices than small-town America. If you enjoy a friendly wave from everyone you pass while driving to the post office, then a smaller town is definitely for you.

If you wish to remain relatively anonymous, a larger town or a big city is better suited to your personality.

Chatting is fine. I've been in situations like this in the past and would SSH to a build box that had a fatter pipe. Depending on the situation, it may be a cheap alternative. This is encouraging to hear. Same situation, working remotely, homeschooling. Any advice on what to look out for? Some advice would be to start your day earlier so you can end it earlier. I'm usually done with work by 3pm and them I'm spending time with the kids, doing stuff outdoors and being disconnected. Our team is spread across the country so I typically work an east coast schedule.

Another big thing for me is having a separate place for an office, so I can leave the house and go somewhere that is dedicated to work. For that, I have a sq ft office about 20 yards from the main house. We also have a separate space for homeschooling, that's a big help for my Wife and the kids. If you want advice on remote living and property type stuff, shoot me an email in my profile.

A femotcell would still need an internet connection from some ISP, correct? Check out some of the plans from these guys I am not affiliated Would you mind sharing what kind of job you're doing that's enabling you to do this? What would it take someone let's say with 0 background in what you do to get to the point of doing this?

We have about full time residents. Originally built our house as a weekend place about hours from Seattle but started working remotely in and was getting sick of Seattle going the way of San Francisco so we decided to move full time. Note, find a SO before moving to a tiny mountain town. RomanPushkin 10 months ago. Significant other. I think I'm from that town you're talking about. Is it the one named after a goat, near a larger one named after a wasp?

31 Things That Will Happen When You Finally Decide to Live Your Dreams

I couldn't handle the cold there! If winter sports are your jam though, it's a good place to be. I recommend hitting up the Arrowleaf, if you haven't.

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I'm thinking of moving to that same general area. Right now I'm in Utah because that's where my first real job was, but my family lives near Seattle, Idaho, and Montana and I want more sun than Seattle and more green than everything in between. We're still in the planning stages, and I'm rounding up some more clients just in case my main client stops working out and I'm working on some startup ideas as well. I just wanted to say that I'm super jealous that you're living in the area that I want to end up.