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She hand sewed every bead and exquisite design herself or directed her seamstresses.

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Not unless she branched out and opened a shop, and that meant telling her four overprotective sisters exactly what she did for a living. Angelina, Ellena, Mikayla, and Illeanna would be shocked. But then again, they were always so understanding. One day she would tell them. That guilty feeling grew stronger in her gut. She and her sisters were close. Closing the patio doors then locking them, she headed to her bedroom to change.

She filtered through her drawers looking for the right colored panties and bra. Grabbing the light-yellow matching set, she pulled on the cotton thong panties first. She loved this set.

Ellena [Orchidea: Love on the Bayou 4] (Siren Publishing Menage Everlasting) by

There was a small design of tiny sequined beads across the trim, and the bra had the same matching sequins between the cups of the bra that covered the clip. Lace trim overlapped the elastic straps so that it could appear as a camisole when wearing an off-the-shoulder blouse. It was feminine and lively. At least she felt that way as she continued to get dressed. A thirty-eight D cup and she was only five feet five inches tall. It was one of the reasons why she began making undergarments. She wanted to feel sexy and desirable. Although her judgment in men needed enhancement after Justin Fontain and his abusive ways, she built up her self-confidence and felt she knew better now about men.

Her lingerie made other men and women very happy. Angelique pulled on her beige skort and her yellow tank top. That, too, was trimmed with lace as straps instead of a basic fabric. She tied her long black hair back into a fancy style by twisting it all to the back and securing it with multiple hair pins. She took a final glance in the mirror before she gathered her papers and prepared to leave the house. Not bothering to lock up, because no one ever did in Orchidea, she got into her beat-up old junk of a car that her sister Illeanna helped get her and headed out to New Orleans for the day.

Although he and his brothers Marcel and Remy knew construction, their mama was insistent on being part of this special project.

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Even their brother Eloi, the sheriff, took a special interest. His mama looked up from the packing counter as she taped closed a large box with a special purple ribbon on it. She added a replica orchid to the packaging. I know this for sure. Those youngsters are going to be happy. His mama had been packaging similar boxes for the last few months, and he was curious about what they contained.

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But every time he asked, she would say it was business, which meant that it was none of his business. Armand stretched his muscles and looked at the clock on the wall. He can pull that with the tourists but not with you and me. His mama was a piece of work, and boy, did she have a temper on her. Born and raised in the swampy bayou with the gators, she worked real hard to get where she was today.

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Their papa worked just as hard, as well, when he started the construction business thirty years ago. Finally she made it to the section of storefronts that more locals frequented than the tourists. Angelique loved visiting the old shop and Maw Maw Millie. She was really sweet and always got Angelique the supplies she needed to make her special orders. The best part was that Millie promised to never reveal what Angelique was sewing and making. There she meets a mysterious stranger on the streets of the French Quarter. He seems well respected, but when he shows up again when shes shopping, Ellena becomes suspicious.

After all, she may live in the Bayou, but she knows men, and they cant all be trusted. She follows her gut and ignores his attempt to draw her into his seduction, and she focuses on the reason for her trip. While dining with an old friend and sampling delicious Cajun foods, she bumps into Mack Rue, a man she had lusted for in the past. She finally breaks down and accepts Mack, Leon, Troy, and Roy Rues advances on her after years of fighting them tooth and nail. All seems great until the suspicious stranger comes back to haunt her and she finds herself submerged in a federal investigation that ultimately risks her own life and the lives of her lovers.

Note: There is no sexual relationship or touching for titillation between or among siblings. Dimensions6 in. The author and the publisher work very hard to bring our paying readers high-quality reading entertainment. Please respect Ms. She swallowed hard at that thought, immediately imagining the Boudoux men in uniform and in nothing at all.

She took a deep breath, attempting to manifest her reasoning of taking in the scenery instead of returning to the same thoughts about the Boudoux. She needed to clear her mind and focus and relax before work.

She took a moment to appreciate her home and the scenery encompassing her small house. The moss on gnarled cypress, the various healing plants hidden within the habitats of exotic birds, alligators that their very own voodoo priestess often explored.

She thought of Marie Cherise Laveau and their encounter a week ago today. It made Illeanna sneeze, and that satisfied the crazy voodoo priestess as she smirked and winked at her then walked away humming. Illeanna was beginning to wonder what Cherise had meant and what exactly Illeanna was meant to do with her life. Put her profession on hold? Seize the opportunity of love? Fruitful and successful future?