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Producción de Orgánicos en Valencia España - TvAgro por Juan Gonzalo Angel

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Encuesta sobre el suministro y saneamento del agua. Isidoro, D. Journal of Environmental Quality, 35 3 , — Nonetheless, I think you know even better than I do, we all knew very well, that this Commission is supposed to terminate its proceedings tomorrow, and tomorrow is a very important day for everyone, because in the morning we are going to consider the budget and we are going to be called upon to vote thereupon, and we do not have any idea whatsoever when we will finish our consideration of that natter and when we are going to finish with this direct resolution. We would hope that the amendments which have beai presented by our brother member countries from the Arab Group have been taken into due consideration, and that all of the delegations have been able to take note thereof, and in a suitable and appropriate fashion, if this has not been done or has not been able to be done, then I have done it myself.

I knew well beforehand, so that I am prepared, fully prepared, either to read out the text as amended right now, immediately, in your presence, at dictation speed, or else that we perhaps postpone things for half an hour or so, so that we could circulate the text as suggested. And in the light of the initial draft we would be able to distribute that updated document to all delegations present.

We obviously hope and trust that our discussions and proceedings will be of a positive nature, and pursue the objectives shared by all.

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I trust and hope that we will be able to cane up with a consensus. If we are not able to achieve that consensus, then we will regret the fact that we would have to proceed to a vote on this text. We feel that you are endowed with quite sufficient wisdom, knowledge, expertise and skill, because you are a colleague of ours on the Finance Committee and we know very, very well who you are; we knew about your extensive experience and wisdom.

I am sure that you would agree with me and would very much be in line with the same type of position. If the delegates believe that there is no use in providing any extra negotiation group, I see no reason that we stop our debates here. I have another speaker on my list. Waliur RAIMAN Bangladesh : If my delegation has not taken the floor till now, it does not indicate that we are not preoccupied with this important item under discussion. But here in FAO, we are concerned with the humanitarian and technical assistance to be given to the occupied Palestinian territory. My delegation is pleased to note that amendments so far made are constructive and in the light of the statements made by the distinguished delegates of Egypt and Saudi Arabia, it is in the view of my delegation that we are moving in the right direction.

In view of this, my delegation supports the statement of the distinguished representative of Saudi Arabia that the amendments so far made on the floor may be read out for the benefit of all concerned by the distinguished representative of Saudi Arabia. Bashir El Mabrouk SAID Libya origjunal language Arabic : I very much appreciate what you said about the setting up of a snail drafting group to work on the text which would take in due consideration the various amendments tabled.

Nonetheless, the various amendments which have been raised by different delegations have been taken into due consideration and those amendments are available in a text which, I think, has been given to you. Considering the time factor, the very limited time at our disposal, it might be possible to cerne up with suggestions and proposals to see what would be the best way to proceed and see how we could do that. This text is being multiplied right now.

Unfortunately, we only have the English text. We do not have either the French or the Spanish. I suppose the Arabs have the Arab text. We ask for five to ten minutes for the multiplication of the text. The meeting was suspended from The new second preambular paragraph replacing the old preambular paragraph reads: "Recognizing that the policies and practices of the Israeli occupation authorities impede the basic requirements for the development of the economy of the occupied Palestinian territory, including the agricultural sector;".

The third preambular paragraph has only a slight amendment. The last word of the sentence in the English text which was drafted in the plural is now drafted in the singular, so it reads: "Affirming the importance of supporting the agricultural sector in the occupied Palestinian territory; ".

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The fourth preambular paragraph is substituted by one which reads: "Expressing its opposition to the Israeli confiscation of Palestinian land and expropriation of Palestinian water resources". The first operative paragraph in the former text is dropped.

The second operative paragraph becomes the first in the new text, with the following revised drafting: "Stresses the need for providing the Palestinian people with the assistance necessary for their economic development in close cooperation with the Palestinian Liberation Organization. The third operative paragraph in the former text is dropped.

I think it will be best for me to read the rest of the text slowly because it is quite different from the former text. There is a new third operative paragraph which reads: "Request the Director-General to organize a symposium on the Palestinian agricultural sector. The fourth operative paragraph reads: "Requests the Director-General to include the occupied Palestinian territory in future FAO programmes and activities, and in line with the present collaboration and coordination between the Palestine Liberation Organization and other UN agencies.

The fifth operative paragraph reads: "Calls for free access of FAO staff and experts to the occupied Palestinian territory.