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Currently, global emissions are on track to cause potentially catastrophic climate change in the coming decades.

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The summit acts as a kickoff to international climate negotiations in , which is the next deadline for countries to make dramatic emissions reduction promises under the Paris Agreement on climate change. Climate change is moving faster than we are. Indeed, average temperatures on Earth continue to rise, driving sea level rise, more frequent and severe storms, longer heat waves and cold snaps, and more extreme rainstorms and droughts.

Economic costs associated with such disasters are mounting.

- The Washington Post

Although nearly every nation on the planet, including the United States, promised to reduce their net greenhouse gas emissions when they signed the Paris Agreement , climate scientists warn that the cumulative pledges are nowhere near sufficient. Humans must limit global warming to about 1. The Paris agreement sets a goal of keeping warming well below 2 degrees Celsius and to pursue efforts to limit the increase in temperatures to 1. To reduce warming to 1. Other scientific estimates fall in the same range. Organized labor should call on the U.

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Most of the added jobs will be in manufacturing and construction. The plan does not depend on any new technical breakthroughs to realize these gains, only a continuation of current trends in energy efficiency and renewable energy costs.

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It is based on the conversion of all gasoline-powered light vehicles and most space heating and water heating to percent renewable electricity. It includes an orderly phasing out of coal and nuclear energy and a gradual reduction in the burning of natural gas. Organized labor should develop its own plan for expanding jobs by meeting the Paris climate goals.

But there is no reason a labor jobs plan needs to be limited to that. Indeed, unions should also develop specific plans targeted to create jobs for workers and communities who may be adversely affected by climate policies. The study found that meeting water and gas infrastructure needs in the five states can create more than , total jobs.

U.N. Climate Summit Sets Stage For New National Emissions Promises

Good, stable jobs protecting the climate can help challenge the growing inequality and injustice of our society, but only if policy is designed to do so. By using our website you consent to all cookies in accordance with our updated Cookie Notice. This article is published in collaboration with Project Syndicate. The climate-change agreement reached here on December 12 was a rich victory for diplomacy.

Trump says U.S. pulling out of Paris climate agreement

Both the agreement itself and the atmosphere of cooperation that permeated the proceedings represent a sea change from the failed Copenhagen summit in But while we should congratulate world leaders on their success, Paris marks the beginning, not the end, of the road. This is a clear signal that the carbon era has reached a turning point; as a result, there will be more investment in renewable energy. For the first time, an international agreement offers the least developed countries funds to cover some of the loss and damage caused by climate shocks.

But in order to fulfill the Paris agreement, we must ensure that governments keep their promises.

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National emissions targets are voluntary, rather than inscribed in the agreement, so they are not legally binding. In hard, practical terms, there is not yet anything specific to slow the extraction of fossil fuels or stop high-polluting countries from using coal for electricity. Developed countries made no individual commitments, and the starting year for funding adaptation assistance remains unclear.

We must keep the pressure on to make sure that the promised climate finance is sufficient to enable the least-developed countries to adapt to present and future climate change. All of this must happen urgently. The cumulative effect of previous decades of emissions means that there will be no chance for a last-minute solution. In Africa, climate change may already be responsible for falling water levels in West African rivers; declining coral reefs in tropical waters; lower fruit production in the Sahel; fewer fish in the Great Lakes region; and the spread of malaria in the Kenyan uplands.

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Without significant cuts in greenhouse-gas emissions, we will see far worse.