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Sehnsucht is actually used commonly to express that you really want something or are longing for something: Ich habe Sehnsucht nach Schokolade! Thorsten Dittmar Thorsten Dittmar Sehnsucht is a very common word, used to express longing for a loved one. Er hatte Sehnsucht nach ihr. He longed for her. Sie hatte Sehnsucht nach Liebe. She longed for love.

It can also be used as an adverb. She yearingly waited for his call. It can also be used do describe an unhealthy fixation on someone or some thing. Gamers are wistfully waiting for the sequel. See, you need a lot of orotundity to justify using Weltschmerz. Janka Janka That's really interesting, thanks. So then is the difference between "vermisse" and "Sehnsucht" similar to the one between "missing" and "longing"?

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Is Sehnsucht not also used to describe something less identifiable than a person? Lewis described Sehnsucht as the "inconsolable longing" in the human heart for "we know not what. Yes, vermissen is a technical term. You can vermissen both your car and your car keys. You could have Sehnsucht for your car of course unhealthy fixation but not for the car keys. That would be a bit too odd. Sehnsucht as a concept is hardly used. You have to explain what you are longing for. If you don't explain it, people would ask questions to find out what you are longing for. There is not really an everyday term for that.

Tom Au Tom Au 9, 3 3 gold badges 26 26 silver badges 68 68 bronze badges. Am I right in saying that both words refer to feelings about abstract things? Sehnsucht for obvious reasons, and Weltschmerz because one can be uncomfortable with the state of the world without being able to identify what exactly bothers them. BujancaMihai: I believe so, yes. Sucht more closely relates to Seuche , sickness , according to scholars [Whom? The previously mentioned fact, that sehnen has no known etymology, makes the comparison to "saudade" Portuguese pretty appealing.

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The iconicity of Dort wo die Zeder also transpires in texts stemming from the strong anti-Zionist circles within the German Jewry. Quoting a scene that took place in a Jewish elementary school in Berlin that appeared in the Israelitische Rundschau no. Not only in Jewish circles Dort wo die Zeder appears as an iconic lyrical expression of modern Zionist fervor even in the eyes of non-sympathizers. This stereotypical anti-Semitic view of the Jew as merchant transformed into a worker of the Land thus fulfilling Christian prophecies of redemption complicates these otherwise sympathetic non-Jewish German reactions to Zionism.

World War II brings to an end the millenary Judeo-German relation that reached its full strength during the early twentieth century. From the ashes of the Holocaust Dort wo die Zeder resurfaces again and again, not in massive Zionist rallies of rowdy meetings of Zionist youth movements as before the war but rather in private and isolated lyrical moments. A document found at the Deutsches Historisches Museum Inventarnr. Schwarzer was deported in to Warsaw and later killed in Auschwitz. At the same time that Harry Schwartz was marched to Auschwitz, the notorious Rumanian-born German-Jewish poet Paul Celan writing from his own Rumanian detention camp under Nazi occupation mentions Dort wo die Zeder in his poem that was eventually titled Schwarze Flocken , one of the many he wrote about his complex, tormenting and hurtful relation with his parents.

More recently, Dort wo die Zeder resurfaced intermittently in public events held in contemporary Germany marking Jewish or Zionist historical landmarks. Todestages von Theodor Herzl am 3. Another touching reappearance of Dort wo die Zeder in the contemporary German soundscape took place around the encounter of two brothers Mayer Menachem and Fred Raymes, who were separated as children during the war and found each other only after more than three decades.

In a blog about this event we read:. The archeology of Dort wo die Zeder , of which only a selection of findings was displayed here, uncovers as if one needed further proofs the deeply-rooted German-Jewish entanglement. The language and form of the Romantic German poetry is recruited to convey a dramatic cry for national Jewish redemption expressed in Orientalistic brushstrokes. The ashes and blood of Israelite antiquity that are buried in the land of the cedars which is in fact Lebanon, an extension of Palestine, as was Syria, in the German-Jewish imagination where the river Jordan flows call to the German-speaking Jews to return to the East, to relocate in the mythical homeland and reignite there a sovereign existence that was cut off two millennia ago.

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Nothing in the content of this song shows any hope for acceptance in an alternative Zion, Germany or the Austro-Hungarian Empire, that so many Germanized Jews around the s saw as their permanent destination. Yet the Judeo-German entrenchment is deeply embedded in the aesthetics of the poetic language.

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Form, images and sounds since the song was conceived to be performed aloud challenge content in this song. And although the melody in minor with its momentary outburst of triumphal major in the second phrase may have originated in the mystical synagogue song announcing the Sabbath, its aesthetics also declare its allegiance to the European soil that produced it. Finally, one may speculate as to why Hatikvah , a contemporary song of similar literary content, musical mode and melodic contour, eventually prevailed over Dort wo die Zeder as the anthem of the Zionist movement.

The narrow window of opportunity that opened for German culture and language in the late nineteenth century to become a decisive force in the Zionist movement was short lived.

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Hebrewism in its Eastern European disguise took over the leading role in the Jewish national movement while its German-speaking component remained latent only in translation. Nossig, Alfred ed.

Perlzweig, Maurice L. In: Die Dynamik kulturellen Wandels.

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Essays und Analysen [Festschrift Reinhard Flender], ed. Jenny Svensson. On Perlzweig see, Maurice L. In Hebrew. Popular Hebrew National Songs. Dort Wo Die Zeder. Words and Music by L. Zagler, published by S.

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Schenker, 66 Canal St. Jerusalem- Berlin- Wien, , p. Wiesbaden: Harrassowitz, , pp.

Sehnsüchtig Verfallen: Kein Liebesroman (Erotischer Roman) (German Edition)

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