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Just take that, baby. Something small, she said. Something small… Twelve hundred pounds? All I got is an ironing board cover. Ooh whoo, hoo whoo. It is for…Oh, my God. BEN Do you do Hen nights?

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BEN I… I did that? Well, I am a good parent. BEN Eleven hundred and ninety seven pounds and fifty three pence. BEN It was tea towels, Michael.

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  8. An ironing board cover? I mean, you talk to her and stuff. Come on Michael, help me. I want to hang on to him. The sex is fantastic. This is getting good. Grandma, have you got yourself a toy boy? Just a little late Christmas shopping. Is his guide dog nice? What was your plan for the party? You were lucky I remembered to bring you in at night. Shall I invite him or do you want to? Remember that for when Ben gets back. Please, Janey, for me. If I invite him you have to promise not to make a big thing of it and never mention it again.

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    No Cossack dancers, no skydiving bears? BEN Ooh, yeah, big… Susan, why are you making such a big deal about this party? BEN You mean Kenzo. BEN Er, nothing, nothing. How much do you like ironing? Just a quick question. We were lucky there was a last minute cancelation. BEN Was Psoriasis the clown booked?

    SOY MI HADA DE LOS DIENTES (Spanish Edition)

    BEN Well, you know, Tweed and alcohol are a very combustible mix. The fairy goes on the top. BEN Yes, I know where to stick the fairy. I also know where I would like to stick the fairy. No court will convict me. Phoo, what is that sickly smell? ABI Morning sir, madam. Try a free sample?


    An insouciant fragrance from the blazing sands of the Samarkand, guaranteed to inflame the passion of your favourite sheikh. ABI How does my make-up look? That reminds me, I need to confirm the clown. Did you lose much? I won a thousand pounds. BEN A thousand quid? Take a seat, Alfie. BEN Been nice knowing you, whatever your name is. I thought he was exaggerating. Alfie is like the Christmas traveller looking for shelter. BEN Oh, yes, of course.

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